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Dyna-Wipes Muscle Pre-Moistened Cleansing Towels, Case of 6 - DYNA-CASE6


Catalog#: DYNA-CASE6
Manufacturer: Dyna-Wipes
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  • Qty. 6 buckets of Dyna-Wipes per order
  • One bucket = 80 towels
  • Dyna-Wipes Muscle is a heavy duty pre-moistened cleaning towel
  • Towel Dimensions: 9 x 12"
  • Bucket Weight: Approx. 3 lbs.
  • Contains specially-formulated dissolving agents for grease and grime
  • The towel is uniquely designed with dual textures. One side is smooth, the other side has added "muscle" fibers to provide a slightly rough texture when more cleaning help is needed
  • No Water Needed!  You can clean up any place, anywhere. Also removes odors from hands - like diesel and gasoline odors, fish and onion smells, etc.
  • Dyna-Wipes Muscle has 4 skin conditioners, is safe on the skin, and is non-flammable. After use, simply discard as a normal paper towel, observing general care regarding cleaning products
  • We recommend pre-testing plastic surfaces for compatibility. DynaWipes Muscle may not be suited for certain clear plastics such as plexiglas or styrene.  Items such as computer screens, microwaves, VCRs and vehicle instrument panels may be made of these plastics. Do not use on any item with a protective finish, such as brass or finished furniture
  • We do not guarantee the same results in every situation due to the many varying conditions.  As a rule, pre-test surfaces in an inconspicuous area
  • Use Dyna-Wipes for: Hands, Stainless Steel Surfaces, Garment Soils, Carpet Stains, Counters, Leather, Vinyl Windows, Tools & Equipment, Naugahyde, Sports Equipment, Keyboards, Tennis Shoes, Vinyl and More!
  • Removes: Odors from Hands, Most Graffiti, Coffee Stains, Carpet Spots, Scuff Marks, Caulking, Crayon Marks, Permanent Marker, Tar & Asphalt, Tree Pitch, Counter Stains, Nail Polish, Gasket Cement, Plumbers Cement, Labels & Residue, Paints & Varnishes, Pipe Cement, Tape Residue, Urethane Sealants, Hot Tub Oil Rings, Many Inks, etc.
  • Places to Use: Households, Agriculture, Plumbers, Schools, Mechanics, Landscapers, Painters, Industrial Plants, Stores, Utility Companies, Outdoor Enthusiasts, Maintenance Departments and More!
  • Keep some with you wherever you go: Kitchens, Bathrooms, Garages, Cars, RV's, Boats, Fishing, Hobby Areas, Camping, Hiking, Sports, etc.
  • AKA: DynaBucket, DynaWipe
  • Ship Weight: 18 lbs.