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Century UB04CCL2F Shaded Pole Unit Bearing Refrigeration Motor - UB04CCL2F


Catalog#: UB04CCL2F
Manufacturer: Century
Returns & Warranties

  • Product Type: Shaded Pole
  • HP: 4 Watts
  • RPM: 1550
  • Volts: 115
  • Amps: 0.29
  • Hz: 50/60
  • Phase: 1
  • Frame: Unit Bearing
  • Enclosure Type: TEAO (Totally Enclosed Air Over)
  • Enclosure Material: Cast Iron
  • Mounting: Foot/Hole
  • Shaft Diameter: 1/4" x 20 Threaded
  • Rotation: CW Shaft End
  • Number of Speeds: 1
  • Service Factor (SF): 1.00
  • Bearings: Sleeve
  • Thermal Protection: Impedance
  • Maximum Ambient Temperature: 40° C
  • Duty Cycle: Continuous
  • UB04CCL2F is listed in Century's cross reference as a substitute for the following: A.O. Smith 222, A.O. Smith 233, A.O. Smith 5KSP51AZL793, Carrier/BDP P257-5212, Emerson 103, Emerson 2103, Emerson RF103, Fasco D420, Franklin AM4106J, GE 5212, GE 5214, GE 5KSM51AG3513, GE 5KSM59CS964, GE 5KSP51AL100, GE 5KSP51AL112, GE 5KSP51AL123, GE 5KSP51AL130, GE 5KSP51AL152, GE 5KSP51AL16, GE 5KSP51AL165, GE 5KSP51AL169, GE 5KSP51AL19, GE 5KSP51AL198, GE 5KSP51AL2, GE 5KSP51AL203, GE 5KSP51AL219, GE 5KSP51AL226, GE 5KSP51AL227, GE 5KSP51AL228, GE 5KSP51AL234, GE 5KSP51AL24, GE 5KSP51AL25, GE 5KSP51AL256, GE 5KSP51AL26, GE 5KSP51AL27, GE 5KSP51AL29, GE 5KSP51AL293, GE 5KSP51AL30, GE 5KSP51AL303, GE 5KSP51AL33, GE 5KSP51AL335, GE 5KSP51AL34, GE 5KSP51AL344, GE 5KSP51AL349, GE 5KSP51AL36, GE 5KSP51AL364, GE 5KSP51AL365, GE 5KSP51AL383, GE 5KSP51AL4, GE 5KSP51AL40, GE 5KSP51AL400, GE 5KSP51AL41, GE 5KSP51AL418, GE 5KSP51AL42, GE 5KSP51AL426, GE 5KSP51AL427, GE 5KSP51AL43, GE 5KSP51AL438, GE 5KSP51AL44, GE 5KSP51AL491, GE 5KSP51AL5, GE 5KSP51AL513, GE 5KSP51AL52, GE 5KSP51AL53, GE 5KSP51AL56, GE 5KSP51AL59, GE 5KSP51AL64, GE 5KSP51AL67, GE 5KSP51AL68, GE 5KSP51AL69, GE 5KSP51AL714, GE 5KSP51AL718, GE 5KSP51AL721, GE 5KSP51AL722, GE 5KSP51AL725, GE 5KSP51AL74, GE 5KSP51AL770, GE 5KSP51AL795, GE 5KSP51AL80, GE 5KSP51AL809, GE 5KSP51AL862, GE 5KSP51AL870, GE 5KSP51AL9, GE 5KSP51AL90, GE 5KSP51AL91, GE 5KSP51AL958, GE 5KSP51AL977, GE 5KSP51AL978, GE 5KSP51CL105, GE 5KSP51CL119, GE 5KSP51CL136, GE 5KSP51CL7, GE 5KSP51EL355, GE 5KSP51EL8, GE WW94X243, Dayton 3M275, Dayton 3M332, Dayton 3M629, Dayton 4M503, Dayton 4ME48, Dayton 4ME62, Dayton 5K189, Johnstone Supply S88-794, Marathon AA08, Morrill Motors SPB4EMR1, Morrill Motors SPB5EMR1, Morrill Motors SP-B5EMR1, Morrill Motors SP-B5HCEMR1, Packard 10044, RMR R5212, RMR R5311, Trane MOT 6264, Universal Electric 118-200, Universal Electric 118-202, Universal Electric 118-204, Universal Electric 222, Universal Electric 233, Universal Electric AA2C004, Universal Electric AA2C006, Universal Electric AA2C102, Universal Electric AA2C104, Universal Electric AA2C106, Universal Electric AA2C366, Universal Electric AA2C629, Universal Electric AA2CRU4, Universal Electric JA2C100, Universal Electric JA2C306, Universal Electric JA2C343, Universal Electric JA2C641, Universal Enterprise UEM1042, Universal Enterprise UEM1042AL
  • Includes Vibration Dampening Hub Washer, Speed Nut And 4 Mounting Screws
  • Horizontal And Shaft Up Mounting Only
  • 3 Rear Mounting Holes
  • Ship Weight: 3 lbs.