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Century RAL1006 5.6" Diameter HVAC Fan Coil and Room Air Conditioning Motor - RAL1006


Catalog#: RAL1006
Manufacturer: Century
Returns & Warranties

  • Product Type: PSC (Permanent Split Capacitor)
  • HP: 1/8
  • RPM: 1075
  • Volts: 115
  • Amps: 2
  • Hz: 50/60
  • Phase: 1
  • Frame: 48Y
  • Enclosure Type: OAO (Open Air Over)
  • Mounting: Band/Ring/Stud
  • Motor Diameter: 5-5/8"
  • Shaft Diameter: 1/2"
  • Shaft Length: 8.26" x 8"
  • Rotation: Double Shafted
  • Number of Speeds: 3
  • Service Factor (SF): 1.00
  • Bearings: Sleeve
  • Thermal Protection: Automatic
  • Maximum Ambient Temperature: 60° C
  • Insulation Class: A
  • Duty Cycle: Continuous
  • Capacitor: 5MFD @ 370VAC Required
  • RAL1006 is listed in Century's cross reference as a substitute for the following: A.O. Smith 105, A.O. Smith 323P002, A.O. Smith 48SE6MA28, A.O. Smith 9679, A.O. Smith 9683, A.O. Smith F48P02B38, A.O. Smith F48SD6L13, A.O. Smith F48SD6L3, A.O. Smith F48SD6L5, A.O. Smith F48SD6L5B1, A.O. Smith F48SD6MA1, A.O. Smith F48SD6MA23, A.O. Smith F48SD6MA30, A.O. Smith F48SE6MA28, A.O. Smith F48SF6MA36, A.O. Smith F48SF6MA45, A.O. Smith F48SF6MA46, A.O. Smith F48SF6MA47, A.O. Smith F48SF6MA54, A.O. Smith F48SF6MA62, A.O. Smith F48SG6MA61, A.O. Smith F48SG6MA62, A.O. Smith HA3F7062, A.O. Smith OAT1006, A.O. Smith RAL1006, Carrier/BDP HC33CN113, Carrier/BDP HC33CN116, Carrier/BDP HC33ME110, Carrier/BDP HC33ME114, Carrier/BDP HC33ME119, Carrier/BDP HC35CN116, Carrier/BDP HC35L3115, Carrier/BDP HC35ME104, Carrier/BDP HC35ME108, Carrier/BDP HC35ME109, Carrier/BDP HC35ME120, Carrier/BDP HC35ME127, Carrier/BDP P257-X056, Emerson K54HXHWS64885, Emerson K54HXJEP5095, Emerson K55HXDFTK2475, Emerson K55HXERF3007, Emerson K55HXGGC391, Emerson K55HXHZC4926, Emerson RAK1142, Emerson S3641, Fasco 7126-0151, Fasco 7126-0554, Fasco D1023, Fasco D751, Fasco D857, Fasco D886, Fedders ACL12E20, Fedders S1960001015, Fedders S19600037001, Fedders S19600037003, Fedders S19600073003, Fedders S19600073004, Fedders S19600075001, Fedders S19600076001, Fedders S19600077002, Fedders S19600084001, Fedders S19600092001, Fedders S19600098001, Fedders S19600100001, Fedders S19600203006, Fedders S1961018000, Fedders S196LP081002, Fedders S20300033001, Fedders S20300033005, Franklin 8745810210, Franklin 8745810211, 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  • Mounting Accessories Packaged With Motor
  • Energy Efficient
  • Ship Weight: 11 lbs.
  • Ship Weight: 11 lbs.