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Century 613A Shaded Pole 5" Diameter Refrigeration & Unit Heater GE 21 & 29 Frame Replacement Motor - 613A


Manufacturer: Century
SKU: 613A
  • Product Type: Shaded Pole
  • HP: 1/15
  • RPM: 1550
  • Volts: 115/208-230
  • Amps: 2.8/1.4/1.4
  • Hz: 60
  • Phase: 1
  • Frame: 42Y
  • Enclosure Type: OAO (Open Air Over)
  • Mounting: Band/Ring
  • Motor Diameter: 5"
  • Shaft Diameter: 3/8"
  • Shaft Length: 3-1/4"
  • Rotation: CCW Shaft End
  • Number of Speeds: 1
  • Service Factor (SF): 1.00
  • Bearings: Sleeve
  • Thermal Protection: Automatic
  • Maximum Ambient Temperature: 40 C
  • Insulation Class: A
  • Duty Cycle: Continuous
  • 613A is listed in Century's cross reference as a substitute for the following: A.O. Smith 613, A.O. Smith DA2E130, Baldor 504A, Emerson F1469, Fasco D483, GE 02232, GE 2231, GE 2232, GE 5KSP21DG101, GE 5KSP21DG1106, GE 5KSP21DG118, GE 5KSP21DG120, GE 5KSP21DG1201, GE 5KSP21DG1227, GE 5KSP21DG1236, GE 5KSP21DG1255, GE 5KSP21DG128, GE 5KSP21DG1328, GE 5KSP21DG1334, GE 5KSP21DG1337, GE 5KSP21DG1453, GE 5KSP21DG1515, GE 5KSP21DG1516, GE 5KSP21DG164, GE 5KSP21DG1667, GE 5KSP21DG1672, GE 5KSP21DG1699, GE 5KSP21DG1734, GE 5KSP21DG1752, GE 5KSP21DG1786, GE 5KSP21DG1834, GE 5KSP21DG1864, GE 5KSP21DG1885, GE 5KSP21DG1890, GE 5KSP21DG1907, GE 5KSP21DG1915, GE 5KSP21DG1943, GE 5KSP21DG198, GE 5KSP21DG2023, GE 5KSP21DG205, GE 5KSP21DG2065, GE 5KSP21DG2116, GE 5KSP21DG2123, GE 5KSP21DG2129, GE 5KSP21DG2139, GE 5KSP21DG2140, GE 5KSP21DG2273, GE 5KSP21DG2326, GE 5KSP21DG29, GE 5KSP21DG3001, GE 5KSP21DG3002, GE 5KSP21DG3021, GE 5KSP21DG3022, GE 5KSP21DG3027, GE 5KSP21DG3102, GE 5KSP21DG3201, GE 5KSP21DG346, GE 5KSP21DG379, GE 5KSP21DG42, GE 5KSP21DG432, GE 5KSP21DG466, GE 5KSP21DG480, GE 5KSP21DG532, GE 5KSP21DG548, GE 5KSP21DG684, GE 5KSP21DG729, GE 5KSP21DG731, GE 5KSP21DG739, GE 5KSP21DG786, GE 5KSP21DG820, GE 5KSP21DG836, GE 5KSP21DG837, GE 5KSP21DG86, GE 5KSP21DG908, GE 5KSP21DG909, GE 5KSP21DG94, GE 5KSP21DG943, GE 5KSP21DG944, GE 5KSP21DG976, GE 5KSP21FG485, GE 5KSP21FG604, GE 5KSP21FG76, GE 5KSP21HG1132, GE 5KSP21HG121, GE 5KSP21HG1299, GE 5KSP21HG1327, GE 5KSP29BG3001, GE 5KSP29BG5049, GE 5KSP29DG3101, GE 5KSP29DG3102, GE 5KSP29DG5125, GE 5KSP29DG7573, GE 5KSP29FG3201, GE 5KSP29FK1764, Dayton 3M465, Dayton 3M470, Dayton 4UU78, Johnstone Supply S88-785, Johnstone Supply S89-757, Trane MOT 6241, Universal Electric DA2E111, Universal Electric DA2E130, Universal Electric DA2E7111, GE 5KSP29DG3104
  • Designed For Easy Mechanical Reversing
  • Has Drain Holes
  • Extra Long 30" Leads
  • Includes 2-1/4" Resilient Mounting Rings
  • Lead Exit On Shaft End
  • Holes Provided For Conduit Connector
  • 4 Tapped 10-32 Holes For Shaft End Mounting
  • Ship Weight: 8 lbs.