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Century 554A 5.6" Diameter HVAC Condenser Fan Motor - 554A


Catalog#: 554A
Manufacturer: Century
Returns & Warranties

  • Product Type: PSC (Permanent Split Capacitor)
  • HP: 1/10, 1/6
  • RPM: 1075
  • Volts: 208-230
  • Amps: 0.92/0.42
  • Hz: 60
  • Phase: 1
  • Frame: 48Y
  • Enclosure Type: TEAO (Totally Enclosed Air Over)
  • Mounting: Band/Ring/Stud
  • Motor Diameter: 5-5/8"
  • Shaft Diameter: 1/2"
  • Shaft Length: 6.05"
  • Rotation: Reversible
  • Number of Speeds: 1
  • Service Factor (SF): 1.00
  • Bearings: Ball
  • Thermal Protection: Automatic
  • Maximum Ambient Temperature: 60° C
  • Insulation Class: B
  • Duty Cycle: Continuous
  • Capacitor: 5MFD @ 370VAC Required
  • 554A is listed in Century's cross reference as a possible substitute for the following: Marathon X427, A.O. Smith F48SE6L1, A.O. Smith F48SE6L7, Carrier/BDP HC39ME711, GE 3027, Dayton 3M793, Dayton 3M839, Leece Neville RE129, A.O. Smith F48SE6L2, A.O. Smith F48SF6L6, Carrier/BDP HC37VA230, Fasco D905, GE 3227, A.O. Smith F48SD6MA15, A.O. Smith F48SD6MA20, Carrier/BDP HC37ME713, Fasco S719, Carrier/BDP HC37MB700, A.O. Smith 319P898, A.O. Smith 319P899, A.O. Smith 321P502, A.O. Smith 321P575, A.O. Smith 321P615, A.O. Smith 554, A.O. Smith F48SDMA20, A.O. Smith F48SE6L6, A.O. Smith F48SE6MA10, A.O. Smith F48SE6MA25, A.O. Smith F48SE6MB5, A.O. Smith F48SE6MB9, A.O. Smith F48SF6M7, A.O. Smith F48SF6M8, A.O. Smith F48Z90A01, A.O. Smith FS1016, A.O. Smith FSE1016, Carrier/BDP 38GF002310, Carrier/BDP HC33ME235, Carrier/BDP HC36MZ230, Carrier/BDP HC37MB702, Carrier/BDP HC37ME712, Carrier/BDP HC37VE209, Carrier/BDP HC37VE210B, Carrier/BDP HC38ML209, Carrier/BDP P257-3027, Emerson 55HXBWE1351, Emerson F55HXBWD1157, Emerson F55HXCAT1190, Emerson K55HXMHS6410, Emerson K55HXMPZ6560, Emerson K55HXPAW7263, Franklin 8735660121, Franklin 8735660140, Franklin 8735660210, Franklin 8743620110, Franklin AY6493Z, Franklin AY66136Z, Franklin CY6457Z, Franklin F-138, Franklin F-338, GE 3053, GE 5KCP39CG128, GE 5KCP39CG9729, GE 5KCP39CGA768, GE 5KCP39CGB093, GE 5KCP39CGB283, GE 5KCP39CGB449, GE 5KCP39CGB839, GE 5KCP39CGD063, GE 5KCP39CGE0928, GE 5KCP39CGE182, GE 5KCP39CGE248, GE 5KCP39CGF256, GE 5KCP39CGF279, GE 5KCP39CGF958, GE 5KCP39CGG973, GE 5KCP39DGA768, GE 5KCP39EG5093, GE 5KCP39EG835, GE 5KCP39EGA758, GE 5KCP39EGA768, GE 5KCP39EGB402, GE 5KCP39EGB864, GE 5KCP39EGC567, GE 5KCP39EGG401, GE 5KCP39EGG636, GE 5KCP39FGB450, GE 5KCP39GG7400, GE 5KCP39KG64255, GE 5KSP39FG2802, GE 5KSP39FG6424, GE 5KSP39HG4468, GE 5KSP39MG4170, GE G441, GE WP94X6, Dayton 3M700, Johnstone Supply S88-756, Marathon X429, Rheem/Protech 503852, Rheem/Protech 503861, Rheem/Protech 503903, Rheem/Protech 511713601, Rheem/Protech 511714401, Rheem/Protech 511990701, Rheem/Protech 51211840100, Rheem/Protech RED190, Universal Electric HE3H043, Universal Electric HF3E010, Universal Electric HF3E016, Universal Electric HF3E7016, Universal Electric HF3G004, Universal Electric HF3G006, Universal Electric HF3G007
  • Has Reversing Plug
  • Energy Efficient
  • Ship Weight: 11 lbs.