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Century 436A 5.6" Diameter HVAC OEM Replacement Motor - 436A


Catalog#: 436A
Manufacturer: Century
Returns & Warranties

  • Product Type: PSC (Permanent Split Capacitor)
  • HP: 1/3
  • RPM: 1075
  • Volts: 460
  • Amps: 1
  • Hz: 60
  • Phase: 1
  • Frame: 48
  • Enclosure Type: OAO (Open Air Over)
  • Mounting: Band/Ring/Stud
  • Motor Diameter: 5-5/8"
  • Shaft Diameter: 1/2"
  • Shaft Length: 6"
  • Rotation: Reversible
  • Number of Speeds: 1
  • Service Factor (SF): 1.00
  • Bearings: Ball
  • Thermal Protection: Automatic
  • Maximum Ambient Temperature: 60° C
  • Insulation Class: B
  • Duty Cycle: Continuous
  • Capacitor: 5MFD @ 370VAC Required
  • 436A is listed in Century's cross reference as a possible substitute for the following: Fasco D912, GE 3280, Rheem/Protech 511970401, A.O. Smith F48H6A19, A.O. Smith F48H6A19C3, A.O. Smith F48H6A21, A.O. Smith F48H6A21C1, A.O. Smith F48H6A21C2, A.O. Smith F48SJ6MA16, A.O. Smith F48SL6V10, A.O. Smith F48SL6V21, A.O. Smith F48SL6V4, A.O. Smith F48SL6V5, A.O. Smith F48SL6V6, A.O. Smith F48SL6V7, A.O. Smith F48SL6V8, Fasco D705, A.O. Smith 436, A.O. Smith 48H6A19C5, A.O. Smith F48H6A19C1, A.O. Smith F48H6A19C4, A.O. Smith F48H6A19C5, A.O. Smith F48H6A19C6, A.O. Smith F48SJ6V20, A.O. Smith F48SL6MV12, A.O. Smith F48Y39A01, A.O. Smith FH1036, A.O. Smith SL6V13, Emerson 6727, Emerson K55HXHFH4559, Emerson K55HXLDW5736, Emerson K6727, Fedders S20300043001, GE 5KCP35PG290, GE 5KCP39AGD1075, GE 5KCP39FGB755, GE 5KCP39FGD593, GE 5KCP39GG5737, GE 5KCP39GG969, GE 5KCP39GGC589, GE 5KCP39GGE011, GE 5KCP39GGF118, GE 5KCP39GGG748, GE 5KCP39HG9015, GE 5KCP39HG965, GE 5KCP39HGC126, GE 5KCP39HGC13, GE 5KCP39HGC203, GE 5KCP39HGC303, GE 5KCP39HGC425, GE 5KCP39HGC513, GE 5KCP39HGD261, GE 5KCP39HGD618, GE 5KCP39JGD190, GE 5KCP39KG008, GE 5KCP39KG8234, GE 5KCP39KG9870, GE 5KCP39KGC519, GE 5KCP39KGD534, GE 5KCP39KGD662, GE 5KCP39KGD715, GE 5KCP39KGE294, GE 5KCP39KGE400, GE 5KCP39KN44, GE 5KCP39MG7870, GE 5KCP39MG9188, GE 5KCP39MGD014, GE 5KCP39MGD713, GE 5KCP39MGE013, GE 5KCP39MGE656, GE 5KCP39MGG291, GE 5KCP39NGD211, GE 5KCP39PGB662, GE 5KCP39PGD107, GE 5KCP39PGE015, Dayton 3M996, Johnstone Supply S88-589, Marathon 48A110542D, Marathon X424, Rheem/Protech 511793001, Rheem/Protech 511794301, Rheem/Protech 512031401, Rheem/Protech 512046801, Rheem/Protech 51-20468-01, Rheem/Protech 512046901, Rheem/Protech 512069501, Rheem/Protech 512069601, Rheem/Protech 512121701, Rheem/Protech RED204, Trane MOT 1490, Trane MOT 1882, Trane MOT 2371, Trane MOT 2453, Trane MOT 6061, Universal Electric HE3G302, Universal Electric HF3H026, Universal Electric HF3H7026, Universal Electric HF3J023
  • Includes Resilient Mounting Rings
  • Ship Weight: 14 lbs.