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Century 150A 5.6" Diameter HVAC Direct Drive Fan Motor - 150A


Catalog#: 150A
Manufacturer: Century
Returns & Warranties

  • Product Type: PSC (Permanent Split Capacitor)
  • HP: 1/3, 1/2, 3/4
  • RPM: 1075
  • Volts: 208-230
  • Amps: 4.7/3.4/2
  • Hz: 60
  • Phase: 1
  • Frame: 48Y
  • Enclosure Type: OAO (Open Air Over)
  • Mounting: Band/Ring/Stud
  • Motor Diameter: 5-5/8"
  • Shaft Diameter: 1/2"
  • Shaft Length: 6"
  • Rotation: Reversible
  • Number of Speeds: 3
  • Service Factor (SF): 1.00
  • Bearings: Ball
  • Thermal Protection: Automatic
  • Maximum Ambient Temperature: 40° C
  • Insulation Class: B
  • Duty Cycle: Continuous
  • Capacitor: 10MFD @ 370VAC Required
  • 150A is listed in Century's cross reference as a possible substitute for the following: Fasco D730, A.O. Smith F48J6A13, A.O. Smith 323P317, A.O. Smith F48J6A12, A.O. Smith F48J6A13A1, A.O. Smith F48J6A14, A.O. Smith F48J6A14A1, A.O. Smith F48K6A25, A.O. Smith F48SQ6V21, A.O. Smith F48SR6V4, A.O. Smith F48SR6V5, Dayton 3M799, A.O. Smith F48SQ6V31, A.O. Smith F48SQ6V35, A.O. Smith F48H6A14, A.O. Smith F48SQ6V7, Carrier/BDP HC44SE230, A.O. Smith F48K6A6, Rheem/Protech 511970901, A.O. Smith F48SQ6L6, Carrier/BDP HC43ME239, GE 3296, Leece Neville RE145, Rheem/Protech 511995801, Carrier/BDP HC43VE230, Dayton 3M610, A.O. Smith 150, A.O. Smith 309P506, A.O. Smith 314P333, A.O. Smith 323P179, A.O. Smith F486KA15, A.O. Smith F48Y77A01, Carrier/BDP 38AB660026, Carrier/BDP 40ES71586B1, Carrier/BDP HC43ME234, Carrier/BDP HC43MU230, Carrier/BDP HC45MA231, Carrier/BDP HC45ME230, Carrier/BDP HC45ME231, Coleman 6806-3229, Emerson 4974, Emerson K55FYFPE3531, Emerson K55HXEPZ3155, Emerson K55HXH524840, Emerson K55HXHAN4310, Emerson K55HXHPJ4746, Emerson K55HXHSZ4840, Emerson K55HXHTD4844, Emerson K55HXJGZ5156, Emerson K55HXJPC5341, Emerson K55HXMDB6302, Emerson K55HXMJA6415, Emerson K55HXMYG6673, Emerson K55TXFRY3588, Fasco D839, Fedders S19600128002, Fedders S20300032001, Fedders S20300032002, Fedders S20300056001, Franklin 8746360290, Franklin F-243, GE 5KCP32PG351, GE 5KCP33PG356, GE 5KCP33PG555, GE 5KCP33PG633, GE 5KCP33PG682, GE 5KCP33PG685, GE 5KCP33RG479, GE 5KCP35PG456, GE 5KCP35PG596, GE 5KCP35PG658, GE 5KCP37PG451, GE 5KCP37PG505, GE 5KCP37PN472, GE 5KCP39MGA400, GE 5KCP39MGD747, GE 5KCP39PG140T, GE 5KCP39PG277, GE 5KCP39PGA250, GE 5KCP39PGA318, GE 5KCP39PGB331, GE 5KCP39PGC011, GE 5KCP39PGC138, GE 5KCP39PGC171, GE 5KCP39PGC183, GE 5KCP39PGC254, GE 5KCP39PGC492, GE 5KCP39PGD461, GE 5KCP39PGD896, GE 5KCP39PGF656, GE 5KCP39PGH033, GE 5KCP39SG982, GE G520, GE G554, GE G581, Dayton 3M322, Dayton 3M618, Marathon 048A110285, Marathon 48A110, Marathon 48A110192, Marathon 48A110192DP, Marathon 48A110285B, Marathon 48A110285DE, Rheem/Protech 503993, Rheem/Protech 511815502, Rheem/Protech 511980401, Rheem/Protech 51198040100, RMR C632CW63, RMR C640CW1, RMR C640CW58H, Trane MOT 6104, Universal Electric 150, Universal Electric HE3L014, Universal Electric HE3L016, Universal Electric HF3L004, Universal Electric HF3L012, Universal Electric HF3L014, Universal Electric HF3L015, Universal Electric HF3L031, Universal Electric HF3L041, Universal Electric HF3L061, Universal Electric HF3L7041, Universal Electric HF3U005, Universal Electric HF3U007
  • Does Not Include Resilient Mounting Rings
  • 22" Leads
  • Has Reversing Plug
  • Energy Efficient
  • Ship Weight: 19 lbs.